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Exploring Data Visualization in Python

Exploring Data Visualization in Python The process of creating images or graphs to help us understand data is known as data visualization. It's similar to drawing a diagram of a math problem to help us understand it better. Python is a computer programming language that allows us to easily create these images. Python can read data from a spreadsheet or a text file and then generate various graphs or charts to display that data. As an example, suppose we have a list of grades for a class. Python can be used to generate a bar chart that shows how many students received each grade. The bar chart will show us which grades were the most common and which were the least common. Python offers a wide variety of libraries, or collections of code, that make it simple to build these visualizations. Matplotlib is a well-known library. It includes functions for creating line graphs, scatter plots, pie charts, and more. So, data visualization is the process of creating pictures or graphs to help